Dear Scientists and Sector Representatives,

Turkish Chemical Society would coordinate 32nd National Chemistry Congress on 26-29 August 2020 in Eskişehir. Because of COVID-19 Pandemic, which affects our country and the world, this Congress has been postponed to 2021. With the decision of the Turkish Chemical Society Board, this year, we have gone some structural changes in the format of our National Chemistry Congress, and it will enable international participation. The official date of the Congress is 17-19 September 2020 date. (Note: The 33rd National Chemistry Congress will be held in Eskişehir in 2021, the dates will be announced later by the Chemistry Department of Eskişehir Osmangazi University.)

Thanks to the specially designed congress software, oral and poster presenters will be able to present their papers vividly and benefit from the unique knowledge of all our local and foreign guests. At the end of the Congress, the proceedings book will be published online, and the works of the participants will be published in Journals of the Turkish Chemical Society if the decisions of the referees are deemed appropriate.

Our National Chemistry Congress will be held with the central theme of “Chemistry for Life”, creating a project-collaboration platform by bringing together our colleagues, students, and leading companies in the chemical industry. By making valuable chemical studies in our country, it is aimed to bring our colleagues’ academic studies to our sectoral stakeholders, creating exchange of ideas.

We invite you to meet the whole community on your computers like a real congress.

We hope that all of us will meet healthy and better days.

Best regards

Professor Dr. Bahattin Yalçın